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Our company

Our company


Our company, Royal Plast Kft. is a rising plastic recycling company in Western Hungary. Our facility was established in 2013, from a former plastic film production site in Industrial Park Győr. In the beginning, we collected mainly HDPE and LDPE waste from which we recycled and produced plastic film. Later, we extended our recycling profile with PP, PS, PC, ABS, PC-ABS, PA, PBT, POM and other kinds of engineering plastics as well. Due to our close collaboration between our clients and our team of recycling specialists with 15 years of professional experience we managed to perform promising results in the early stage.



In 2014, we introduced ISO9001 quality and ISO14001 environmental management structure. Meanwhile, we identified our core company values as follows: responsibility for quality, efficiency and sustainability.



At the moment, we have 3600 tonnes annual capacity for waste recycling and 1500 tonnes for plastic film production. These activities are performed in our 2500 m2 production hall in a 11600 m2 recycling facility. With our own trucks of various sizes, we can provide tailor-made logistics solutions to our clients.



9027 Győr, Tibormajori út 22



+36 70 678 8088

Szechenyi 2022